Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Brendan Frasier, Kerri Russell, Harrison Ford

"Don't Hope for a Miracle.
Make One."

Not to be mixed up with another film entitled "Extreme Measures" a creepy thriller which starred Gene Hackman and Hugh Grant, this drama is based on true events. It focuses on John (Brendan Fraser) and Aileen (Keri Russell) Crowley's efforts to find a cure for two of their children inflicted with Pompe disease. It is a rare genetic disorder where the child loses control of her muscular functions. They rarely survive beyond the age of 9. Their research leads them to Dr Richard Stonehill, (Harrison Ford) a researcher at the University of Nebraska who has made significant progress in his search for a cure.

Unfolding like a Hallmark movie of the week, "Extraordinary Measures" is an inspiring story about family and friends that take extraordinary risks and measures to protect the ones they love. Although I kept wondering how come the Crowleys didn't go bankrupt from the huge expenses they must have incurred in providing the best health care possible for their children. Probably the makers of the film didn't want to portray a negative vibe so they merely presented on the quest for a cure. The film also proves why certain medicines cost a fortune. Most of it goes to the extensive research and development involved in formulating a medicine that will heal us from certain life threatening diseases.

Brendan Fraser as John Crowley was believable. He has always been a steady and sold actor even if he is also identified as a comedian. His serious acting in the film was sensible. It is good that Harrison Ford as the craggy Dr Stonehill was willing to take on a supporting role. Despite his high profile status in the industry, he gladly takes a back seat for a minor yet significant role.

A feel good and inspirational movie that highlights human triumphs against all odds.

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