Sunday, May 16, 2010


Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Kathy Bates, Michael Shannon


This well crafted movie under the direction of Sam Mendes is not easy to watch. We witness the slow and painful self destruction of a marriage. April (Kate Winslet) and Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio) Wheeler are a young married couple living in the suburbs during the mid 1950s. They live in a modest house on Revolutionary Road. On the surface, their marriage seems perfect yet deep inside there is a seething dark revolution slowly sweeping through the cracks.

Kate is restless and feels that there is more to life than simply being a housewife living in suburban America. She wants to fulfill their lifelong dream of living in Paris. At first, Frank is receptive to the idea and their plan adds a much need sparkle in their routinary marriage. Yet hurdles and obstacles crop up and soon their plans are rudely interrupted, much to their chagrin.

The film itself is well edited and beautifully directed by the same director who gave us "American Beauty". The cinematography is brilliant. The costumes and the set designs are authentic for the era it represents. I also liked the the music and the original score as it was quite reflective for every scene.

Leonardo DiCarpio is amazing in his role as Frank. He is intense and passionate and knows how to convey his emotions through various facial expressions. Kate Winslet as usual is brilliant. Her steely cold portrayal of April Wheeler sent chills down my spine. It is almost like she had multiple personalities as her in depth characterization was cleverly executed.

Like all good movies, "Revolutionary Road" doesn't offer easy answers and indeed sometimes offers no answers at all. Rather it probes and questions. It delivers its portrait of flawed characters through revelatory incidents. It's the kind of film that makes you realize what truly and really matters in life.

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