Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler

"It's a Job. It isn't Personal.
Well, Maybe a Little."

Cinema 11, SM Megamall

The only "nice" thing about this romantic comedy are its attractive leads. Otherwise the plot is pretty much quite trivial and honestly it was quite dragging to watch. It barely functions on the weak premise of a bounty hunter named Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) whose next 'victim'/target is Nicole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston) who just happens to be his ex-wife. She is a feisty reporter working on a lead in a murder cover up. Naturally, she won't be easily persuaded to be booked for a minor offense. So it is not really an easy job for the poor bounty hunter. Soon enough, they are being pursued by so called bad elements. But since this is supposedly a rom-com, the villains don't come across as being too menacing.

This film plods on really slow on the journey of these ex-couple who believe me barely have any chemistry on screen. As I mentioned earlier, they look fairly quite presentable and in some ways attractive so that alone makes up for quite a boring plot. Another 'good' thing are the location shots in Atlantic City however briefly it was presented.

So I really don't know why the two leads accepted these roles. Perhaps some Hollywood big shot thought it was a good idea to place the two hottest stars in the industry together in a film. Never mind if the plot was too useless to be effective, let's just bank on the fame of Aniston and Butler. Well it failed and miserably so.

My only consolation is that I was able to get a respite from the sweltering summer heat by being in an air conditioned cinema. Although I admit I was surprised that I managed to keep my eyes open and didn't doze off!

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