Monday, June 7, 2010


15th French Film Festival
Cinema 4, Shang Cineplex

This light romantic comedy tells the story of two best friends who have different notions about love, relationships and dating in general.

Michel believes that love can only blossom out of a chance encounter. Stemming from the fact that both his parents and grandparents have enduring marriages which blossomed by chance. While Vincent has long term commitment issues so he prefers to play the field. But fate has other plans for them. As expected, both men end up finding their respective matches despite and inspite of the numerous twists and angles which may suggest otherwise.

A simple and light fare that has its funny as well as mushy moments. It has a good ensemble cast who portray characters with vibrant personalities. Set in modern day Paris, it offers a refreshing insight into dating, relationships and everything else in between.

It is filmed entirely in French with English subtitles. Yet it also features songs in English which do their bit in highlighting certain scenes.

A feel good movie that doesn't disappoint!

2 popcorn buckets:

ricky said...

i'd love to get a copy of this film. would you happen to know a source? the ones online do not have any english subtitles. :(

Daphn3 LaurA said...

I'm sorry I have no idea how you can avail of a copy of this film. Have you tried

I watched it during a French Film Festival run at the cinemas. But I know what you mean about foreign language films that don't have English subtitles.


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