Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Beyonce Knowles, Idris Elba, Ali Larter

"All's fair when love is war"


I figure the producers of this dismal film were banking on Beyonce to be the main draw. But as it turns out her character was just as annoying as the protagonist.

Beyonce plays Sharon who accidentally finds out that Derek, (Idris Elba) her husband has been lying about a woman stalker. The stalker is Lisa (Ali Larter) a temp who develops a huge crush on Derek. At first, I figured that Lisa must have misinterpreted his kind gestures (he was giving her some advice about relationships) and nuances as affection. Then eventually as the film progresses we bear witness to her stalker tendencies and she becomes quite a menace to the picture perfect marriage of Sharon and Derek.

Then you have a complete turn around for the Sharon character as portrayed by Beyonce. From a sweet, gentle wife from the upper class spectrum of society, she turns into a fierce lady from the ghetto with a foul mouth. Probably for Beyonce, she found the role challenging. A deviation from her flawless reputation as a diva. But for me it wasn't really a good role for her to play. Alright given that she portrays an aggrieved wife trying to ward off the insane stalker but still I have issues with her character development.

So this trying hard to be like Fatal Attraction but fails epically movie rates pretty low in my books. I should have just tuned in to the World Cup match instead of enduring this miserable film. Heh!

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