Monday, July 26, 2010


Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson

"It all begins ... With a Choice."

Cinema 7, SM Megamall

So while everyone (OK well probably not everyone) was tuned to the telly for the first SONA of Pnoy, I was well ensconced inside a cinema theater. My eyes glued to the screen as the love story of Bella and Edward intensifies.

The setting is still as bleak as ever. The story line drags on as Bella is playing hard to get. Edward is truly persistent in marrying her. And poor Jacob is still fixated with Bella. A love triangle ensues as Bella isn't sure who she loves more. Although clearly Edward with his pale pallor has the upper hand.

Conflict wise, in addition to the usual threat from Victoria and the Volturi, they throw in a menace in the form of a newborn army of vampires who are thought to be highly vicious. And for the first time, both werewolves and vampires work together to fight a common enemy - the newborn army.

But in between the 'training' to face their nemesis, the sappiness between Bella and Edward continues and climbs to a mushy pace. While the rivalry between Edward and Jacob for the affections of Bella takes on a humorous spin. For instance in one scene Edward asks Bella if Jacob owns a shirt since he is constantly bare chested.

I also learned what 'imprinting' on someone means and that I don't need to read the book to 'get' the story. And that the film always ends the same way (fades to a black screen) and you are back to reality quicker that you can say "Volturi".

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