Thursday, August 5, 2010

Film Cycle "Madrid: Una Ciudad de Cine"

Instituto Cervantes de Manila, the cultural arm of the Spanish Embassy, explores film gems set in Spain’s historical capital of Madrid as it presents Madrid: Una Ciudad de Cine this whole month of August, every Saturday, 6 p.m. at Instituto Cervantes’ Salon de Actos.

Admission to all the screenings is FREE on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED basis.

Goya award winner "Tiovivo c. 1950" will be shown on August 7. The film, directed by José Luis Garci, offers a nostalgic vision of several people in Madrid all managing to survive in the face of post-war era.

Showing on August 14 is Manuel Gómez Pereira’s Spanish romantic- comedy flick "El amor perjudica seriamente la salud" (Love Can Seriously Damage Your Health) which narrates a long-time on-again-off again love affair between two characters (played by Pénelope Cruz and Gabino Diego) when the Beatles arrived in Madrid in 1965.

Screening on August 21 is "Mujeres al borde de un atague de nervios" (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown), a Spanish comedy film that brought Almodóvar to international attention having been nominated for the 1989 Academy Awards and winning five Goya Awards in Spain, including Best Film.

Alejandro Amenábar’s "Abre los ojos" (Open Your Eyes) will be screened on August 28. This film depicts the story of a former womanizer (Eduardo Noriega), disfigured in a car crash who has trouble distinguishing dreams from reality. American Director Cameron Crowe remade this film as Vanilla Sky in 2001, with Tom Cruise in the lead role and Penélope Cruz reprising her role as Sofia.

For more information, please call 5261482 or visit Instituto Cervantes de Manila is at 855 T.M. Kalaw St., Ermita, Manila.

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