Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Jennifer Aniston, Frances McDormand, Joan Cusack, Catherine Keener
Scott Caan, Jason Isaacs, Simon McBurney, Greg Germann

The central character in this film would be Olivia (Jennifer Aniston). After all she is the one who has friends with money. She is the only one single and isn’t exactly faring well in life. She earns her keep by cleaning houses, hooks up with really pathetic guys and goes around department stores asking for free sample of expensive creams. I strike her as a pretty lonely character but one who doesn’t really care about what other people think or say about her.

Her married friends on the other hand have pretty cushy lives in terms of material possessions but there are cracks in their personal relationships. Christine (Catherine Keener) and David (Jason Isaacs) write screenplays together and bicker constantly. Jane (Frances McDormand) is pre-menopausal so she is angry all the time while her husband Aaron (Simon McBurney) is a metrosexual yet strikes everyone as gay. While Franny (Joan Cusack)and Matt (Greg Germann) are very well off but have opposing views on parenting.

Eventually this story of four best friends whose lives are thrown off balance as the realities of early middle age set in doesn't really resolve anything. It just presents a glimpse into the lifestyle of well off people and their gamut of hang ups and insecurities. But it has a nice balance of comedy and drama as essayed by the good acting skills of its talented ensemble cast notably Jennifer Aniston and Frances McDormand who shine in their roles.

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