Monday, June 27, 2011


Everyone knows one of my favorite hobbies is to watch movies. Lately, I've noticed that I tend to choose which films to see at the movie theaters. For one, I don't have much time and secondly ticket prices don't come cheap.

Thankfully, technology has come a long way and there are constantly new and innovative concepts developed and in the developing stage to make life so much easier.

For instance, DirecTV provides the perfect entertainment without even stepping out of your home. DirecTV launched its premium video on demand service called Home Premiere. It allows subscribers of the satellite-television provider to rent movies only 60 days after they are shown at the movie theaters, for a minimal amount of $30 per film. After paying the $30 fee to DirecTV, customers will have 48 hours to view a Home Premiere film as many times as they like. Each title will be available via Home Premiere for two weeks.

You need to subscribe to DirecTV to avail of this premium service. Check out their comprehensive website for more details of the different packages available.

No need to go to the cinemas, DirecTV brings the entertainment right to your comfort zone. Popcorn and sodas are not included in the package.

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