Friday, June 24, 2011


Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton, Harrison Ford
Jeff Goldblum, Patrick Wilson

"Breakfast TV just got interesting

I was half asleep when I decided to watch this film. I also kept dozing on and off. Not that you would miss anything since it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the storyline.

Becky (Rachel McAdams) is a TV executive producer hired to revive "Daybreak" a morning show that is at the bottom of the rankings as far as morning shows goes. She practically begs the network owner Jerry (Jeff Goldblum) for the job! She knows in her heart that she could bring fresh new ideas to the fledgling show. He accepts and gives her a time frame to boost the ratings.

She encounters insurmountable challenges vis a vis the hosts (Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford) of the show, her ideas are met with much resistance yet the workaholic that she is ... she is relentless and gives it her all. Is it enough or if she battling a lost cause?

I'd say that as much as the morning show needed to be infused with bright new ideas, the same can be said for this movie. The tried and tested method of introducing a love interest in the persona of Patrick Wilson for Becky to have some semblance of a romance doesn't help matters.

The premise to show everything that ensues behind the scenes of a morning show was promising. Yet they kept trying to turn it into a sitcom but the laughs came in trickles and seemed out of line. They also decided to draw in big names like Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford to add some weight to the film yet all it achieved was a wasted effort for the two stars who were relegated to roles without any substance. Quite unfortunate!

The only redeeming value is the good performance by Rachel McAdams who was in every single scene. She had a tendency to over act and over react in some situations. I had heart palpitations just watching her deal with all the stress as the hapless TV producer with a gargantuan task to accomplish in such a short time but overall she pulled it off brilliantly.

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