Sunday, October 16, 2011


10th Spanish Film Festival
Cinema 1, Greenbelt 3

This romantic drama presents the life of Ramiro Lastra who works in a second hand bookstore. He has just ended his 6 year relationship with Andrea, an architecture student. It focuses on his feeble attempt to get over the break up. He hangs out with his friends. He even starts dating someone new on an on and off basis. He also sleeps around with other women but ever so often he likes to wallow in melancholic self pity and reminisce about this past life with Andrea.

The film shuttles between past (his life with Andrea) and present smoothly but with little purpose. And dramatic tension remains low and flat. It is mostly dialogue driven with voice overs and narratives from the central characters talking straight into the camera.

It would cater mainly to the art house crowd who would appreciate the plot's concern with literature. Ramiro is a frustrated intellectual who dabbles in writing poetry to express his thoughts. Its chaptered structure as well as artsy closeups of heavyweight book covers also contributes to its art house feel.

Most of the songs alluded to in the title are generally by Spanish artists. They range from jazz to current Euro techno pop songs and they are played out throughout the film whenever Ramiro is in a nostalgic mood.

The setting and plot line succeeds in creating a retro effect. But frankly nothing much goes on in the film and it pretty much echoes the direction-less nature of its main character, Ramiro. A drifter who just wanders aimless, without any sense of purpose. So be warned!

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