Sunday, October 23, 2011


Taiwan Film Festival
Cinema 4, Shang Cineplex

Ru Yi and Ru Xing are sisters living together in a quite modern flat. Ru Yi works as a fashion photographer while Ru Xing is an author who is rushing to finish her novel on time. One day, Ru Yi captures an intimate scene on film. She soon discovers that the couple in her picture are having an illicit affair. She shares this with her sister who then uses this scenario for her novel.

But things take on a slightly sinister twist as the sisters get more than they bargained for from their spying 'techniques'. Most of the film is seen from Ru Yi's perspective as she investigates the drama through the lens of her camera.

The film banks on maintaining an air of suspense and drama but the plot doesn't have much depth. The characters are mostly one-dimensional. The two main protagonists are portrayed by actresses who have inferior acting skills with facial expressions which remain stagnant throughout the entire film. There are quite a few predictable twists along the way and it is manifested through the overlapping of flashback scenes with the unfolding scenes.

The story stays steadily on its bland course, leading up to a teasing ending that invites more than one interpretation. "Zoom Hunting" is a standard rather insignificant fare that doesn’t really find its footing, unfortunately. It tried its best to explore voyeurism from an astute angle but it fails quite miserably.

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