Saturday, October 11, 2014


Cinema 2, Greenbelt 3

This film explores in depth how a guy experiencing a crisis decides to approach all the women in his life for sound pieces of advice. Typical, no? Men cannot solve their problems without consulting the brainier specimen of the human species. Ha!

Kidding aside, you have to prepare yourself to listen closely to the dialogue since the film plays out in the various conversations that Nacho (Eduard Fernandez) has with the different women who have in some way or another influenced him his entire life.

Nacho, a 40 something vet finds himself in a bind after he stole 5 heifers from his father-in-law which he attempts to sell in Portugal. But his plan goes awry when the truck carrying these goods crashes somewhere along the route. His marriage is on the rocks so he cannot really talk to his soon to be ex-wife about his plan since he schemed it with his young mistress.

He turns to an ex-flame who tells him to confess and ask for forgiveness. After ignoring her suggestion, he approaches his mother. A wise woman who is willing to put up half of the money he lost yet at the same time suggests it might be best he goes to jail for his 'crime'. Two more women are consulted and both of them still unable to influence Nacho in a way that he thinks will be beneficial for his own good.

Nacho's common line is that "I'm not a bad person" like this statement would somehow justify his failed plan. Yet in some quiet and subtle manner, each of the conversations he has with these women, mark his ego and his conscience with self awareness of his own failings (not just with the heifers but in his life!) whether he cares to admit it or not. 

Great acting from Eduard Fernandez (an actor I've seen in several Spanish films) whose nuanced expressions reveal a gamut of emotions billowing inside his tension filled brain. Although there is no specific conclusion on how he intends to solve his massive problem, from the conversations alone, one can ascertain that Nacho (whatever he decides to do) will hopefully become more mature and wiser moving forward in his life's journey.

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