Thursday, February 18, 2016


Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay

Cinema 6, SM Megamall

"Love Knows No Boundaries"

Room in this case is a small confined space where a mother (Brie Larson) and her 5 year old son, Jack have been living in captivity for several years. We know this movie is based on true to life events which will make our skin crawl as such a horrific scenario is not just fiction but really happening in some remote place out there. 

Despite the claustrophobic vibe this scenario will surely emit, the movie manages to draw its audience into the simple existence of the mother and her rather rambunctious child. For a kid who was born within the tiny space and who has never seen the outside world, he seems to be quite 'normal' just like any typical 5 year old boy. The bond between them is palpable as they only have each other for company. 

It is only when the captor enters into the picture and 'intrudes' into this special place/room of Jack and his mother, that we realize the nefarious severity of the situation. Suddenly, the words 'abduction', 'kidnapping', 'sex slave' clouds your mind and you feel your heart tinge with fear and pity for what she went through and is continuing to experience at the hands of her captor.

Yet somehow, the film doesn't overtly focus on the depravity and melodrama and chooses to present the close bond between the young mother and her son. And how she never lost hope that one day they will be able to escape from 'the room'.

Brie Larson is a good choice as the young mother and interestingly it is when she is out and has been freed from her hellish existence that she shines. Her (in)ability to adopt to a vastly different life is difficult to watch. By aliening her one true 'ally' her son, her acting skills are put to the test and gladly she passes with flying colors. She deserves the best actress accolades she has reaped so far and surely Hollywood will look out for her and hope she is able to sustain her success through her minimalist acting style. In the same breath, Jason Tremblay as her long haired son is endearing to watch as Jack with his naivety and innocence and gives a believable characterization. It is also realistic as he essays his confusion as he grasps to understand his mother's distant behavior towards him after they are out of the room.

If you expect heavy drama and hysterical histrionics from this movie, you will be disappointed.  But "Room" deserves to be seen if only for Brie Larson's subtle but award winning performance.

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