Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Revenant

Leonardo di Caprio, Domhnall Gleeson,
Tom Hardy 

Cinema 4, Shang Cineplex

"Blood lost. Life found."

I admit that despite being a movie buff, I hardly venture into the dark confines of a cinema theater, nowadays. 

First of all, movie tickets prices are exorbitant. An expense I deem as a 'want' rather than a 'need'. Secondly, I would wait for the films to be available online so I can just watch at my own pace within the comforts of my home usually as I am propped up with pillows in my bed. That way I can rewind, pause and wear earphones to better hear the audio/dialogue.

So it takes someone or something really special for me to head on to the cinema. In this case, my sister was in town and she paid for my ticket hehe. And also I wanted to see Leonardo di Caprio in a role which may clinch for him, the elusive Best Performance by an Actor at upcoming Academy Awards aka the Oscars. 

I was a bit apprehensive because I've read a lot of articles about the dark and gruesome theme of the film. The fact that it was set in the early 1800s in the vast American wilderness (a period that doesn't pique my interests) was another factor. Yet no way would I miss the chance to watch Leo essay what they say is his hardest role yet in his wide arsenal of movies. 

Not only was I blown away by the vivid cinematography, I was also true to form deeply impressed by di Caprio's acting talent. His sheer endurance to persevere both as the character he was playing as well as survive the insurmountable tasks assigned upon him by his director, Alejandro Inarritu was praiseworthy.

Although I'd say the film was too long and there were several scenes which should have been edited, this tale of survival in the face of so many obstacles will tug at your heartstrings. The able direction, the gorgeous cinematography and the determined look on Leo's face + the poignant narrative about survival  - all contribute to make "The Revenant" a must see epic!

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