Thursday, January 19, 2006

Jennifer Aniston, Mark Ruffalo, Kevin Costner, Shirley Maclaine, Mena Suvari, Richard Jenkins

"Based on a true rumor."

Cinema 3, Edsa Shangri-la Plaza


Silly me, I always keep forgetting to bring a sweater or something whenever I watched at the Shangri-la cinemas, it is freezing inside. Anyways now about the film. It is a light romantic comedy with an good cast, its whole premise based on a rumor. The main character's grandmother, portrayed brilliantly by Shirley Maclaine is supposedly the real Mrs Robinson from that famed movie, "The Graduate". Yes, I've seen the Graduate and yes I remember loving it. But this was a pretty weak premise to begin with. Some woman running off to find 'the graduate' with the remote possibility that he is her father, finds out he isn't then ends up in bed with him?! But no worries, I wasn't really in the mood for some angst ridden drama so I just watched it with no qualms whatsoever. Just shivering here and there from the aircon. Jennifer Aniston was endearing as Polly in "Along came Polly" but in this movie, it seems she was trying too hard. She has lost a considerable amount of weight therefore she looked haggard. Poor girl had just ended her marriage so it is understandable. Kevin Costner well I don't know I never found him appealing so that's that. Shirley Maclaine was a delight to watch. Mark Ruffalo is pure eye candy even though he has visibly aged since I last saw him on "13 going on 30". The best line in the movie is when she tells her dad "you drive so slow". He answers back "I only drive slow because you are in the car" Awwwwww that made my heart skip a beat.
But the really funny part is after the movie when I was at the toilets, I overhead 2 young girls (ok so she must have been around 24) talking. One asked "Hmmm so what was the rumor? I don't get it" The other replies "I don't know ,come to think about it I don't get it either" Hahahahaha. Hilarious really. I swear that sounded like a blond moment but they weren't even blonde just young perhaps? Maybe they never even heard of "The Graduate". Oh well!

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