Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, Monica Bellucci, Thomas Jane

"Everyone has secrets. Some of them are crimes."

A movie with two of the best actors around, Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman. The former is a tax attorney being interrogated as a suspect for the murder of 2 young girls while Freeman is the detective heading the investigation. We are drawn into an intricate tale of how one man's life unravels as he tries to prove his innocence. So due to incriminating evidence, we witness how the suspect slowly succumbs and further buries himself deep under a quadmire of suspicion. His own wife who is woodenly portrayed by Monica Bellucci just makes the whole matter worse. It just gets to the point that we all believe he is indeed guilty. So the surprising twist towards the end just leaves you completely baffled. More questions are raised, no clear answers are provided. So if you are not into movies that leave you puzzled instead of feeding you with a 'happy ending', then don't watch this film. But there are 2 reasons you'll enjoy this one - Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman! Enough said!

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