Sunday, October 7, 2007



6th Spanish Film Festival
Cinema 2, Greenbelt 3

"In order to be a good father, he'll have to learn how to be a good son"

This Argentinian film explores the complexities involved in a father - son relationship. The Perelmans are both practicing lawyers in Buenos Aires. The film unfolds through the eyes of Ariel Perelman (the son) who narrates his story through a voice over. A young laid back person who courses through his life aimlessly, he also teaches law at a local university. He falls in love with his student, Sandra a Pilates instructor. He eventually marries her and they have a son. Throughout his life, the younger Perelman has been in awe of his more established, achiever type father. An energetic lawyer who is at ease with people from all walks of life. Father and son are opposites in character and style and if you didn't know any better, you wouldn't think they were related.

This film doesn't have any major conflicts in its plot nor does it aim to preach about how to live one's life. The true conflict lies within the younger Perelman who aims to find some purpose in his life yet at the same time he feels pretty satisfied with how his life is progressing along. When he becomes a father himself to Gaston, his outlook becomes more reflective. He can't help but compare his fathering techniques with the older Perelman who was somewhat an emotionally distant father.

A simple straight to the point film with a few funny scenes and prodded on mostly by a narrative in voice over form. The dialogue is entirely in Spanish with English subtitles. A good introspective about the awakening of one's man true self through the subtle guidance of his own father just as he becomes a father himself.

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