Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Catherine Zeta Jones, Aaron Eckhart, Abigail Breslin

"Life isn't always made to order"

Cinema 2, Rockwell

No reservations

The first time I saw the trailer of this film I thought hmmm the plot isn't really original, it has been presented in movies like "Raising Helen". The single career oriented woman who suddenly 'inherits' a young relative to raise as her own when tragedy strikes. In the process she discovers more about herself, bonds with her young ward and by the end of the film she gets a guy as well. By the time the end credits roll, upbeat music is played and everyone is happy and cheerful. It is pretty predictable, so you just sit back, relax and leave your thinking cap at home.

Catherine Zeta Jones is very pretty. It is a bit difficult to think that someone who looks that pleasant would be mopping in her kitchen hiding behind pots and pans. The script doesn't really give much background information about her character except that she is really devoted to her job as a chef in a fancy restaurant. Although there are hints of some past relationship which caused her grief so she shuns dating guys which she divulges and analyzes during her therapy sessions. It is interesting to note that Abigail Breslin was also in "Raising Helen" as one of the 3 children who is orphaned and gets to live with her aunt Helen (Kate Hudson). In "No Reservations" she is an only child and in my opinion too well composed for someone who lost her mother in an accident. Aaron Eckhart who is mostly cast in serious drama roles in the supporting actor category is more animated and goofier in this film. He is Nick, a bohemian type of chef who loves listening to opera arias when he whips up delicious meals.

So expect alot of scenes in the kitchen where the two chefs give us a feast of mouth watering dishes. As well as an equal amount of loud operatic arias to nudge your senses from falling asleep. Yet despite the flavorful burst of gastronomic delights and the blaring of loud music, the film also manages to silently essay a story about grief. The ability to move on despite tragedy and personal setbacks we encounter in life. All these subtly emanating from an otherwise predictable plot. In short, this movie isn't merely about food, food and more food but it sure can make you hungry watching them cook those delectable dishes!

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