Sunday, October 14, 2007



6th Spanish Film Festival
Cinema 2, Greenbelt 3

3 young men attend the funeral of someone they knew back in their college days. It turns out they made a mistake, it wasn't him. He just had the same name as their classmate.

It is this event though which bonds them together in discovering more about themselves. In the process, they become more reflective about their lives, their achievements and their failures. Secrets are revealed, past memories are unearthed, regrets are expressed and their hopes and desires have more purpose. Each one reveling in the experience of finally being true to themselves.

This Spanish film doesn't aim to preach nor does it hold the answers to life's questions. It simply tells the story of three well developed yet contrasting characters. There are funny moments as well as sad emotional sequences. It also dares to stir up some thought provoking issues towards the end. Yet it is all presented in a light comedic manner. Bravely hiding the fact that it does deal with some serious issues like suicide, homosexuality and romantic relationships.

Except for some disjointed scenes of psychedelic fillers, the film succeeds in getting the audience tuned to the characters. It shows authentic sights and sounds of the city of Barcelona like a football (soccer) game and frolicking at the beach. Basically the main premise of the film is "would you be able to describe your life in 65 words or less?" Now that's the tricky part!

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