Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha,
Heather Graham, Mike Tyson, Mike Epps

"Some guys just can't handle Vegas"

The saying goes "What happens in Vegas ... stays in Vegas" well unless you totally forget what really happened in Vegas! This raunchy yet engaging comedy narrates the adventures of Stu, Phil, Alan and Doug. They are in the Sin City to throw Doug a bachelor party. The next morning, they wake up in a messy hotel suite with throbbing hangovers but the worst part is they seem to have 'lost' the groom. The entire film concentrates on the 3 guys trying desperately to retrace their drunken stupor steps and to find Doug just in time for his wedding.

Mostly the film is entertaining due to the fact both the audience and the characters are totally clueless to what really occurred the previous night. There are some funny moments where I laughed out loud. But at the same time, I found some of the situational comedy sequences a bit offensive. But thankfully there were no silly slapstick nor toilet humor added in just to draw some or several laughs.

The characters are well developed and they gel well together as an ensemble despite having contrasting personalities. Their camaraderie and rapport was palpable and it worked towards making the film an amusing puzzle piece romp. I am only familiar with Bradley Cooper (I adore him!) and Justin Bartha because I don't watch "The Office" where Ed Helms is part of the cast. Mike Tyson who was portraying himself in a cameo role was surprisingly funny. The best part in my opinion is the closing credits where 'evidence' of their wild rambunctious partying is shown. So be sure to watch till the very end.

In conclusion, I'd say "The Hangover" was a pleasurable viewing experience. I like the way the story was presented - we get to connect the puzzle pieces together - instead of being spoon fed the correct 'answers' to the "Where is Doug?" conundrum!

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