Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Patrick Dempsey, Julia Roberts, Jaime Foxx, Hector Elizondo, Jennifer Garner, Topher Grace, Shirley Maclaine, Emma Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Taylor Swift, Queen Latifah, Taylor Lutner, Eric Dane

"A Love Story. More or Less"

Cinema 1, Shang Cineplex

This star studded romantic comedy unfolds on Valentine's Day. It is a smorgasbord of love stories whose characters intertwine with each other. It deals with the pressures of celebrating one day where it is almost a sin to be single and alone. It also follows the lives of several couples and their way of dealing with a highly commercialized 'holiday'. Heartbreaks, breakups as well as happy endings are the normal topics for romantic comedies. More so for a film whose title alone denotes a day associated with hearts and all the various aspects of Love! It is a film that caters to every age, shape and sizes. From lovestruck teenagers, lonely single ladies, newly dating couples to a pair who have been married for decades.

A flower shop pretty much serves as the hub for much of the action in the film. Characters pop in and out to order bouquets for their loved ones and as well as for their extras (aka mistresses). Dialogue is light, sometimes funny which deserve a chuckle or two. Other times it is silly and mushy as Reed, (Ashton Kutcher) a florist dispenses pieces of love advice. But the best part are the end-credit outtakes where they show scenes of the actors fumbling their lines which proves they are just human and can make mistakes while taping.

But the film has good entertainment value with hardly any major conflicts for dramatic effect. Each story would have been more interesting if there was more in depth development of its characters. It is light and breezy just like the feeling of discovering something new about someone you just started dating. But it doesn't really make such of an impact as far as date movies and chick lit flicks go. There is major eye candy galore though as you have hunks like Bradley Cooper, Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane playing significant roles.

In conclusion, I still believe that "Love Actually" did a much better job in depicting what L.O.V.E encompasses albeit it was set during the hectic Yuletide season.

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Ping-i said...

It does sound like Love Actually lite.

Daphn3 Laura said...

Wil Hehe I like how you termed it as Love Actually Lite :D But I still totally liked Love Actually much much more than V Day! :)


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