Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chilean Film Cycle

Instituto Cervantes Manila, in collaboration with the Embassy of Chile in the Philippines, presents a Chilean Film Cycle to be screened prior to the regular 6pm schedule as a gesture of solidarity with Chile after the disastrous quake last February.

"La Fiebre de Loco" ("Loco Fever") will be screened at 4pm on April 10, 2010

One winter, the Chilean officials allowed for a short period the harvesting of
the valuable and aphrodisiac shellfish "el loco" in the seaside village of Puerto Gala. Greed and lust take hold. Greed is embodied by Carlos Maldonato, "El Canuto," who, after convincing his friend Jorge, the priest Luis and the whole community, bought all of the shellfish for a Japanese company. El Canuto also wrangles to get into good stead with an old flame, Sonia. But "el loco" proves to be more effective and more damaging than anyone could have guessed because after the selling part, people disclose a secret with tragic consequences.

"Taxi para tres" ("A Cab for Three") will screened on April 17, 2010 at 4pm.

A poor taxi driver with a big family to support is given a difficult choice from 2 small time crooks: drive them around while they rob, or get locked up in the trunk.

Location: Instituto Cervantes
855 T.M. Kalaw St.
Ermita Metro Manila

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