Thursday, May 24, 2012


Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Jill Clayburgh
Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Chris O'Dowd

Backstabbing. Sabotage. Jealousy. Rivalry. These words jump at you as you watch this chick flick. But since it is presented through top notch humor and perfect comedic timing, "Bridesmaids" is a hoot to watch. Dubbed as the "Hangover" film for women even though they never set foot in Las Vegas, it showcases the shenanigans of 5 women from different spectrum of society who are chosen as bridesmaids by Lillian.

But the primary role of maid of honor falls on Annie (Kristen Wiig), who is unlucky in business, in love, and in life in general. But her bond with Lillian (Maya Rudolph) has sustained her since childhood. Upon Lillian's engagement, Annie is poised to assume her role in the wedding preparations, but she is met with unexpected competition from Lillian's new friend Helen (Rose Byrne), a socialite who seems bent on usurping Annie's Maid of Honor duties.

The rivalry consumes a great portion of this raucous comedy. But main focus remains on Annie, whose jealousy and insecurity is brilliantly essayed by "Saturday Night Live" veteran Kristen Wiig. I've never watched any episodes of SNL but from this film alone, I can say that Kristen Wiig is a top notch comedian, par excellence.

Annie is by all means a sad character but you can't help but root for her to succeed. Yes, she is jealous of her best friend's new friend but who wouldn't feel insecure amidst those circumstances. We all do outgrow our friends whom we met in our childhood. As we add up to the numbers in our age, our interests also change so it is only but natural to seek the company of people who share our common interests.

The other bridesmaids are equally 'flawed' characters but all of them, both individually and as a group bring so much amusement to the film. Each actress is given ample opportunity to create big laughs from their unique characterizations, and Melissa McCarthy as Megan basically steals every scene she's in.

It has been ages since I laughed so hard, I snorted out loud and almost peed in my shorts. This comedy has all the key elements of a good film. Great ensemble cast with multi-dimensional characters. A well written plot with funny situations, witty dialogue and throw in a tinge of romance for those swoon moments. And most of all even though the title refers to a bunch of women, kudos goes to the maid of honor, Annie personified by Kristen Wiig. The wedding and this film would be nothing without her effervescent presence.

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