Thursday, May 31, 2012


Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum
Sam Neil, Jessica Lange

"The Vow" centers on Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum), a married couple whose lives change after Paige loses much of her memory in a car accident. Strangely though, she remembers her life before she met Leo. The part when she lived affluently with her prim and proper parents (Jessica Lange and Sam Neill) surrounded by her circle of sorority friends, her former fiancé (Scott Speedman) and when she was interested in attending law school.

Poor Leo! Suddenly he is ostracized by the one person he vowed all those cheesy yet sweet promises to when they got married in an art gallery. Now if this film wasn't inspired on true events, you would probably roll your eyes in disbelief! How can Paige just forget her very happy times with the love of her life, Leo? So even if I knew it really did happen to a real couple, I was mostly dumbfounded during the entire movie.

I guess it didn't help that there wasn't any chemistry between the two lead stars. Rachel McAdams though was and always is quite refreshingly believable to watch in any role. As Paige, you can feel her inner struggle to try to remember as much as she could but eventually giving in to what she felt was the right thing to do.

My main issue is with the very rigid acting of Channing Tatum. He pretty much looked clueless during the entire film. Firstly, he is miscast in the role as a record producer with connections in the music industry. Then as Leo he doesn't seem very helpful in trying to make Paige remember their life together. He just leaves her a note with the word 'evidence' on a stack of home made videos for her to watch. As if by merely viewing these dvds she would suddenly snap out of her temporary stupor.

So yeah I was wearing my sarcastic hat the entire time I was watching this supposedly romantic film. I would probably have gotten more sappy romantic overtones from reading a Nicholas Sparks book. Too bad I don't have any of his novels on my book shelf.

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