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Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei, Ryan Philippe
William H. Macy, Josh Lucas

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TV channel surfing can often lead to finding a film that can grab one's attention. "The Lincoln Lawyer" was a legal thriller I wanted to watch when it was shown at the cinemas but as usual I either didn't have the time or simply was too lazy to go out.

So Matthew McConaughey portrays Mick Haller a sleazy yet charismatic defense attorny who suddenly develops a conscience when he takes up a new case. His wealthy client Louis Roulet (Ryan Philippe) is accused of beating and raping a call girl. Haller begins to question whether his rich bratty client is indeed innocent. In the course of his current case, Haller finds clues that might be related to his former case. Things aren't as simple as they seem. Haller needs to work doubly hard to solve his case despite the danger he may have put himself in as a consequence.

Oh and the title comes from the fact that Michael Haller works out from the back of his old Lincoln car. He even has a chauffeur but you have to watch the film to find out the details about his driver. I ain't giving away spoilers.

I was quite impressed with the solid supporting cast who turned up to give this somewhat predictable thriller much needed depth. Marisa Tomei, Ryan Philippe, Josh Lucas and despite his short role William H. Macy all contributed their vast talent to deliver credible performances.

Of course, the main star is Matthew McConaughey who is believable in a role which doesn't require him to take his shirt off. His portrayal of a slick defense attorney fit him like a glove. Coincidentally, I think Matthew McConaughey should stick to playing lawyers. Some years ago, he was quite effective in John Grisham adaptation "A Time To Kill". Now he essays Mike Haller in the film adaptation of Michael Connelly's best selling novel.

The film offers a nice mix of character introduction/development with an intriguing yet somewhat predictable plot complete with twists which you didn't quite see coming your way. Or perhaps I was just distracted by sleep slowly creeping up on me.

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