Saturday, June 11, 2016

La Caja 507
(Box 507)

Cinematique of FDCP

I took a break from the French Film Festival to catch this Spanish movie at the Cinematique all the way in Kalaw, Ermita Manila. Every Saturday for the month of June at 4 P.M. you can watch Spanish thrillers with English subtitles. It is a first-come, first-based basis so better get there early.

In a small southern Spanish town, a group of criminals tie up and drug Modesto Pardo, the manager in a bank. They ransack the safety deposit boxes to steal loose gems and diamonds. After gaining consciousness, Modesto discovers a document in box 507 that implicates a major crime syndicate organization which may have caused a fire, 7 years ago. A fire which sadly claimed his only daughter's life.

He sets on a crusade to uncover the truth and this leads him to an intricate web of corruption involving local government officials and a powerful mob boss. His vengeance is fueled by his desire to seek justice for the murder of his daughter, an  innocent victim in a maelstrom of corruption, extortion, violence and crime.

Action packed with violent scenes as well as very dramatic moments, the film is fast paced and peppered with well developed characters. All of them on a relentless mission to protect their own interests. "La Caja 507" uses a visceral approach to portray events which are still prevalent in today's society, unfortunately!

This 2002 film was indeed a thriller! 

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