Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mientras Duermes
(Sleep Tight)

Cinematique of FDCP

This closing film of the Spanish Thrillers series was terrifying and quite creepy. It evolves around Cesar, a doorman/concierge at a Barcelona apartment building who seems normal at first glance yet when you examine his personality, he is a sick psychopath who has an aversion towards 'happy, cheerful' people. 

Perhaps genetically inclined after years of mental abuse from his mother or some hidden dark childhood, the film doesn't really reveal his motives/demeanor. His true persona manifests through his snooping around the residents' places at odd hours as he has the master key to all of their apartments. 

He develops an obsession over Clara, the young single lady in apartment 5B who is always in a good mood with a ready smile for everyone. She is a 'tough nut' to crack so Cesar is challenged and puts all his concerted efforts into breaking her down both mentally and emotionally and ruin her 'perfect' life.

Set in mostly dark tones, the film succeeds in emitting an eerie vibe and this is best exemplified through the excellent performance of its lead actor Luis Tosar (one of the best dramatic Spanish actors) who portrays Cesar with a facial scrawl that is guaranteed to give you goosebumps.  And it gets more disturbing when we witness the lengths he goes through to make life miserable for the poor unsuspecting Clara. 

This edge of your seat thriller is well executed. The twist towards the conclusion is shocking and I didn't see that coming at all. This film will surely satisfy your scary (mentally not gory type) movie fix.

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