Friday, June 10, 2016

Un Homme Ideal
(A Perfect Man)

French Film Festival 2016
Greenbelt 3 Cinema

Mathieu Vasseur, a wanna be writer who works for a moving company has hit a snag. After several rejections from publishers, he has lost his writing mojo. One day in the course of his work as he sorts through the belongings of a guy who died and whose things are being vacated, he discovers a diary. 

An extensive personal account about the guy's stint as a soldier in the Algerian war. With no known relatives, Mathieu decided to pass the diary as his own original novel and publishes it as a fiction entitled "Black Sand".  It is a huge hit and he is celebrated all over town as a best selling author. 

3 years later, he is engaged to a wealthy PR publicist and although being hounded by his editor for his second novel, his life is basically all nice and cozy. Until his dark secret catches up with him through a blackmail and the lengths he goes to to make sure his lies are kept hidden is what gives the film a gritty edgy factor.

This suspenseful thriller keeps you on the edge of your seat as the drama unfolds through sleek, flawless editing and the credible acting skills from the cast. Set in the picturesque French Riviera, I admit there are some loopholes in the plot. 

Yet the decent twist towards the end helps to mark him as a sad and lonely character with enough drama conveniently buried in his dark past to certainly last the rest of his earthly lifetime. 

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