Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Ferpect Crime
Guillermo Toledo, Monica Cerveza, Luis Varela

"Striving for the 'perfect life'"

Greenbelt 1, Cinema 2

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A really funny and entertaining Spanish movie. The setting is in a big fashionable department store in Madrid. The protagonists are two salesmen vying for the position of the floor manager. Fast paced and never a dull moment, you are drawn into the hugely competitive department store industry with their huge discounts, bimbo like salesgirls and picky customers. The central character is a guy named Rafael Gonzales, a gigolo type salesman who basks in his own self centered world, strives to lead a perfect life based on his own idea of glamour and elegance. It follows him through his highs as well as his downfall. The title comes from a typographical error of a tape, he borrowed from the video store, instead of "P", it was misspelled with a "F"! A dark comedy definitely worth watching!

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