Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Soldiers of Salamina
Ariadna Gil, Ramon Fontsere, Joan DalmauGreenbelt 1, Cinema 2
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I missed the first 10 minutes of this film but it was fairly easy to understand the flow of the story. Lola is a writer who stumbles on the story of Rafael Sanchez Mazas, a Fascist writer/leader during the Civil War era in Spain. She decides to make him the subject of her next book yet midway through the novel she is sidetracked by another story. The soldier, Mirelles who let Mazas escape after he managed to sneak away from an execution. His story is much more intriguing and entails a more fascinating read. 

Black and white shots of the Civil war scenes are interspersed within the movie. It doesn't really provide much historical background about the Civil War in Spain. But it is a poignant movie about the veterans of the Civil War who are long forgotten for the services they rendered to their country. The soldiers who fought together in the battlefield. Those who don't have streets named after them. 

Without their brave efforts, Spain or any country for that matter would not be able to enjoy the democratic processes and civil liberties, we tend to take for granted, nowadays.

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