Monday, October 24, 2005

Bruce Willis, Kevin Pollack, Ben Foster

"Would you sacrifice another family to save your own?"


A Bruce Willis flick where he portrays a police negotiator who botches up the job so he ends up being a small town cop. His daily criminal reports consists of fender bender accidents. Naturally something big has to happen so he can be thrust into his hero mode. 3 delinquent teenagers decide to take a man and his children hostage inside their really modern state of the art mansion. But this isn't just a simple hostage taking, negotiator movie - you have other subplots which try to grab your short attention span. Too many loopholes as well which just make your mind spin with questions towards the end of the movie. Bruce Willis is a natural with such roles. Suffice it to say, he does end up being the hero after blasting away all the villains. Ben Foster, the actor who is known as Russell on "Six Feet Under" is convincing as a menacingly evil person. Something about him is creepy in this movie as well as the aforementioned HBO series.
I don't really recommend this tedious action flick but if like me, you go to the video store only to find out you have seen most of the films there, then by all means borrow this film. Just try not to fall asleep. A bit difficult to do with all the guns blasting scenes.

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