Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Running Out of Time
Carmelo Gomez, Candela Pena, Ruth Gabriel, Javier Bardem

Greenbelt 1, Cinema 2

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A rather slow moving film that tells about a small commando cell of the ETA terrorist group. They were in charge of wrecking havoc in Madrid. One of them, Antonio poses as a press photographer to hide his true identity. He gets involved in lust with his married young neighbor, Charo. Dealing with her sleazy roommate and low lifes she hangs out with. The movie doesn't really focus much on the intricacies of the terrorist group. It deals mostly with Antonio's passionate relationship with his neighbor. Javier Bardem as Lizardo, the drug addict/pimp friend of Charo gives a good performance as usual. Carmelo Gomez as Antonio is subtle yet projects a strong presence on screen. A strange twist towards the end is in my opinion, the highlight of the entire movie.

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