Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Paul Nicholls

"He loved her like there was no tomorrow."

Second chances

A romantic movie starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and some British actor named Paul Nicholls. They star as Samantha and Ian, a couple who live in London. She is an American music student/teacher. He is her too busy, not attentive, non appreciative boyfriend. On the eve of her departure for Ohio to attend her mother's wedding, she succumbs in a car accident. Due to some fluke which of course only happens in movies, the next day he is given a second chance to make things go well on her 'last' day on earth.
Despite the improbability factor, I believe it is a well developed love story. The moral of the film is that if you had to spend one whole day with someone you love knowing there won't be any more tomorrows, then by all means be more demonstrative and expressive about your feelings. Jennifer Love Hewitt is a refreshing presence on screen, she just radiates although I do believe she could use some more meat on her bones. She shares a genuinely feel good chemistry with her co star. We also get to see good shots of London with its double Decker red buses, the London Eye (the giant ferris wheel), of course its famous rainy weather. Ok call me a cynic but I loved the twist in the ending and the fact that it doesn't end happily yet somehow it forebodes a sense of hopeful beginnings.

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