Thursday, March 9, 2006

Chris Evans, Jason Statham, Jessica Biel

"A film about love and her victims.


London here doesn't refer to the city but it is the name of woman portrayed by Jessica Biel. The thing is Syd, her cocaine snorting boyfriend and London broke up about 6 months ago. So the guy is obviously a wreck, totally high all the time and looks like something the cat dragged in. He gets a phone call informing him that his ex girlfriend, London is leaving town the next day so there will be a farewell party for her, that evening. A party which he is obviously not invited to yet he gatecrashes anyway and worse he shows up with some forex trader/drug dealer he just met a few minutes ago. The drug dealer is portrayed by Jason "The Transporter" Statham with funny looking hair. The rest of the film is set in the big spacious bathroom on the second floor of the party where Syd and Bateman proceed to snort huge amount of cocaine every few minutes, smoke packs of cigarettes and talk about existential topics. Religion, love, relationships and a whole bunch of pseudo intellectual crap. Syd is deeply troubled, wants to get London back yet too messed up to even muster the courage to go down to talk to her. Throughout the bathroom scene, we are shown flashbacks of their together years. We see his fits of jealousy, his mean temper and also his inability to say the L word to London. The guy is insufferable and can get quite irritating to the point of exasperation. No wonder London left him. Yet in some twisted sense I thought he was endearing but that's just me I like guys that just rattle off and talk endlessly about stuff, always questioning about things we don't have clear answers for. Such as "Is there a God?" Towards the end at the airport, I like to think he sort of redeemed himself by finally saying that he loves London. But it was clearly a case of it's too late, you should have said it way earlier dude. Men are so stubborn!
Anyways Chris Evans is a stud even if he looks like crap most of the time in the movie, he is believable as a drug addict/loser. Jessica Biel doesnt really do much except look good in various stages of undress. Jason Statham is convincing as the guy with a lot of angst who has to battle some inner demons. Overall the film isn't as bad as some of the negative reviews it got but I have to admit not everyone would be patient enough to sit through 90 minutes of some guy gripping endlessly about his sorry life.

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