Friday, March 17, 2006

Cecilia Roth, Kuno Becker, Carlos Alvarez Novoa

"She's on an adventure that could change her life ... If she doesn't turn back."

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LuciaIt is a bit difficult to watch a Mexican film with English subtitles at 4:45 am in the morning. Trying not to nod off and keeping my eyes wide open to read the subtitles. But I persisted because I'm such a sucker for foreign language movies.
The first scene is at the airport where Lucia is waiting for her husband to return from the men's room so they can board their flight to Rio de Janeiro for their vacation. Well what do you know? He never returns and despite looking for him everywhere around the airport, it seems he has vanished into thin air. Thus the story unfolds as she begins the frantic and really chaotic hunt for her missing husband. She discovers secrets regarding her husband and together with 2 of her neighbors she embarks far and wide trying to make sense of her life, his life and life in general. Ably narrated by her creative mind being a children books writer, she fluctuates between different personas of her character. Appearing as a brunette bombshell in one scene then reverting to her plain old blonde maned self. The plot is really a big mess, many characters weave in and out, high dramatic histrionics in most scenes - just what you would expect from a Mexican movie. The only salvaging point is that Lucia is portrayed by a good actress named Cecilia Roth. I saw her great performance in movies like "All about My Mother" (Pedro Almodovar's masterpiece) and "Talk to Her". She tends to realistically portray women who are down on their luck yet somehow redeem themselves towards the end. Either that or she simply just accepts that there are certain things in life one cannot really change so she just makes the most out of her fate.

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