Sunday, October 26, 2008


Leonardo di Caprio, Russell Crowe, Mark Strong

"Trust no one. Deceive everyone."

Cinema 9, Robinson's Galleria Movieworld

This latest Ridley Scott picture pretty much had everything going on for it to be quite believable. 2 serious actors (Leonardo di Caprio, Russell Crowe) known in the industry for their dedication to their craft. Here I have to add that having a strong screen presence from one of the supporting characters (Mark Strong) was a revelation, in a good way. A solid well paced plot devoid of complicated politically nuanced side plots. Various settings all over the world adding much needed authenticity to the nature of the characters lives. Throw in a somehow forced romantic angle and you surely can't go wrong.

I have to stress out though that there are 2 main points I observed in this action packed film.
1. That the US through its central intelligence agency in all its mighty glory as the vanguard of democracy is willing to fabricate a story to draw out their standard terrorist du jour was revolting, to say the least. They actually played God by controlling a person's life, an innocent bystander at that in their hands.
2. Thankfully these tactics don't always work to their advantage. In the movie, it plays out pretty well in the form of their main agent, Ferris (Leonardo di Caprio) on the field finding himself in a pretty tight spot. Then miraculously being rescued in the nick of time by the person he least trusted.

Well I guess we can all sleep better at nights knowing that these 'tactics' only happen in the movies. But somehow I doubt it.

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