Thursday, October 2, 2008



Marian Alvarez, Juan Sanz

Pelikula: Spanish Film Festival
Cinema 1, Greenbelt 3

This film is the story of Raquel and Tomas. She works the night shift at a radio station as a newscaster while her boyfriend, Tomas is a professional athlete. Due to their conflicting schedules, they decide to live in together. The boxes have barely been unpacked when Tomas gets sick during a training session. It turns out he has developed a form of hepatitis and is in need of an urgent liver transplant to survive. Raquel wants to donate part of her liver to Tomas. He refuses her offer.

This film centers mostly around the conflict between Raquel and Tomas. Their different priorities in life has put a wedge on their relationship. As Tomas lies restlessly in bed waiting for a suitable liver transplant donor, he gets to re-examine his life. In the process, Raquel also goes through a period of self discovery vis a vis her relationship with Tomas as well as her life in general.

Certain scenes were obviously filmed using a hand held camera ascertained by the shaky grainy texture of the sequences. It is set mostly in the hospital room where Tomas is confined. As well as the radio station where Raquel works. This film explores the different emotions involved in making life altering decisions. His sudden illness puts their relationship under intense scrutiny as the couple learn to adjust to each other's flaws and imperfections.

An interesting change of heart towards the end of the film sort of sneaks up on you. Befitting the vague and conflicted nature of its characters, the last few minutes of the film is literally cast in darkness. You can barely make out a shadow of Raquel and Tomas discussing their scars on the rooftop of their apartment as the sun fades. I figure it is a dramatic and unique way to end a film to signify the uncertainty of their future together. But unfortunately, it gave me a throbbing headache from straining my eyes. Ouch!

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