Saturday, October 4, 2008



Will Kemp, Elena Anaya, Josep Maria Pou, Juan Luis Galiardo, Geraldine Chaplin

Pelikula: Spanish Film Festival
Cinema 1, Greenbelt 3

This farcical comedy operates on the premise that famous authors Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakepeare are vying for the attention of one woman, Leonor. She is a struggling actress living in London who has fallen in love with William Shakespeare. But she is bethroned to the Duke of Obanto so her father sends her back to her native Spain. There she meets Miguel de Cervantes, who has lost his inspiration to write. William travels to Spain to pursue Leonor and suddenly faces both his rivals, Miguel and the Duke. Both Miguel and William are then commissioned by Leonor to write a play which will be presented at her wedding to the Duke. A comedy of errors ensues in this period drama set in a small Spanish town.

A rather ridiculous plot which prevails with some comedic scenes, mostly courtesy of dear old William Shakepeare's romps. He mostly speaks in English given that he is British, after all. Miguel de Cervantes is portrayed as a tax collector who has developed mental block and therefore lost his ability to write his novels. Both authors collaborate to come up with a comedy that lambasted the Duke and his family. A clash of ideas unfolds between the two great writers. Mostly drawing their inspiration from the beautiful Leonor. The characters in their books are based on real people like Sancho, a hired help in the castle of the Castillian Duke. He turns out to be Sancho Panza (Panza meaning fat)!

It is really a whimsical comedy which doesn't really take itself too seriously. The characters are mostly caricatures types. It succeeds in turning a hypothetical situation into a situational comedy which never really makes much sense but it was entertaining enough to take one's mind off more pressing matter like this global economic crisis. Heh!

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