Saturday, October 4, 2008



Javier Camara, Gonzalo de Castro, Cesar Vea,
Jose Luis Alconbendas, Fanny Gautier, Malena Alterio

Pelikula: Spanish Film Festival
Cinema 1, Greenbelt 3

A touching drama complemented with light comedic moments that deals with long lasting friendships, coping with loss as well as coming to terms with one's limitations.

After ten years, Cundo comes home for the funeral of his friend,Suso. He reunites with his childhood friends who never left the small mining town. Cundo discovers that Suso had a final wish - to have a tower built on his property so he can see the world from above. So despite some opposition from his friends, Cundo decides to pay tribute to Suso by fulfilling his intriguing last wish. In the process, the friends expose their vulnerable sides as well as deal with their frustrations both within themselves and with each other.

Buoyed by a narration from Suso himself, this film is set in a clean little town surrounded by luscious mountains. The endearing ensemble cast all gel well together. Individually, their different and unique personalities depict characters who reflect genuine human emotions. Interestingly enough though we are not given a glimpse of Suso not even in a photograph. We merely learn of his life through his friends who all react differently to his sudden demise. But ultimately his death serves as the unifying force among his childhood friends. Friends whose journey in life have been saddled with all sort of upheavals.

This well developed film is fraught with laughter filled moments, dramatic situations and poignant snippets - just like life itself!

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Teff john said...

The comedies, dance songs are very nice to hear and watch,but one thing i shocked is the screen play.can you say who is the screen play.
teff john



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