Friday, October 8, 2010


9th Spanish Film Festival
Cinema 1, Greenbelt 3

"El cielo abierto" is a romantic comedy about finding love when you least expect it.

Miguel has it really bad. His doctor wife Sara has just left him for his father. Yes you read that right. Sara ran off with her father in law, Miguel's father. His mother in law Elvira (Sara's mother) shows up in town for her medical check up. She is totally clueless about the troubles in the marriage. Naturally and falsely accuses Miguel of ruining the marriage.

Then his wallet gets stolen by one of his mentally challenged patients. Because you see, Miguel is a doctor too, he is a psychiatrist. Although at first glance, he hardly looked like a medical practitioner. But things aren't so hopeless as a stolen wallet leads him to Jasmina, the thief's (his patient) loquacious sister.

It seems pretty complicated but in essence it is quite simple. It is a refreshing take on a boy meets girl (albeit under unusual circumstances) factor. They fall in love and live happily ever after. Except it is devoid of cliches, strives on an unusual plot, has endearing characters and tinged with bits and pieces of funny situational comedy. All the essential ingredients needed to make a movie that is both enjoyable and quite a delight to watch.

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