Sunday, October 10, 2010


9th Spanish Film Festival
Cinema 1, Greenbelt 3

The film unfolds through the eyes of Lea, a student in Toulouse who goes back to Girona, Spain to attend the funeral of her grandfather. It turns into a reunion of sorts as family members gather for the wake and funeral. A nostalgic time as uncles, aunts and cousins reminisce as they grieve together. Yet at the same time, they still maintain a certain degree of aloofness. A careful attempt to avoid intimacy in order to keep up a good appearance.

Based on the numerous family reunions I've attended, I notice there is a guarded tendency for us to merely share news we think are worth sharing. This same premise is explored in the film as we only get bits and pieces of information about each character. There is no pressing need for the audience to be spoon fed every single detail of their lives.

And surprisingly, I find that technique quite acceptable. Not because I didn't care about the characters, I did. The director or scriptwriter felt it was up to the viewer to form their own conclusions.

The movie is inundated with long yet soulful scenes of pure silence and quiet solitude. Prodding much contemplation for the characters who pretend that all is well on the outside. Yet deep inside, they are deeply troubled with sentiments like loneliness, break ups and a general sense of a vague uncertainty. Fears and apprehensions which afflict most if not all of us, naturally!

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