Saturday, October 2, 2010


9th Spanish Film Festival
Cinema 1, Greenbelt 3

This comedy presents the story of Eliseo and Nati. Both of them dealing with some unfortunate mishaps in their respective lives. They are also a bit lacking in the attractive department so it makes it doubly hard for them to succeed in their endeavors.

Eliseo walks with a limp, has a bad comb over and has had his heart broken several times. Nati, on the other hand is old, has lost a breast to cancer and her husband leaves her for a younger woman. Oh and they happen to be 'related' as she is married to Eliseo's brother. A death in the family brings them together.

The movie is entertaining because it has much humor, funny situations and the camaraderie among the merry bunch of characters is infectious. It is further buoyed by a good soundtrack with the cheesy yet immortal song "Eres Tu" getting a lot of exposure as it plays a significant impact on the love story. A romance that slowly develops amidst a crisp cinematography of a picturesque rural Aragon town surrounded by mountains.

This light hearted romantic comedy will pull at your heart strings with its endearing characters and quirky storyline. You will find yourself smiling as you leave the cinema carried by the thought that even 'ugly' (but I certainly didn't find them ugly at all) people do get their happy endings, after all!

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