Monday, October 25, 2010


9th Italian Film Festival
Cinema 4, Shang Cineplex

"Riprendimi" is a dramedy (drama and comedy) about Lucia and Giovanni. On the eve of their anniversary, Lucia (a film maker) recorded a DVD showing a montage of their entire relationship and married life. It is her anniversary gift. When Giovanni (a bit actor) comes home he announces over their romantic dinner that he is leaving Lucia and their baby son Paulino. Lucia is heartbroken. While Giovanni moves on pretty quickly and finds love in the arms of Michaela, a doctor.

It sounds like a pretty ordinary premise for a movie. Except that their lives are being filmed for a documentary. The main focus is to present the lives of temporary actors. Yet as the documentary progresses, all the nitty gritty details of the couple's breakup is recorded for posterity. As they follow the separated couple around, though, both Giorgio and Eros (the film makers) find themselves increasingly drawn into the emotional drama being played out before them.

So there is a film within a film aspect going on. The concept is pretty current as reality shows are the norm, nowadays. Most of the film revolves around people talking directly into the cameras as they (friends of the couple) are interviewed and asked to comment on the ongoing separation.

Although this is a story about a broken relationship, there's as much comedy as tragedy in the tale. Much of the film is very funny yet sad as well. It is a bit difficult to watch as we bear witness to Lucia's anguish over the break up of her marriage. But overall it is a good case study into the break up of a marriage.

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