Monday, September 19, 2005

Jason Biggs, Christina Ricci, Woody Allen, Danny DeVito, Stockard Channing

"In any relationship, one person always does the heavy lifting

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It is always amusing to watch a Woody Allen film. He is a neurotic, witty, angst ridden, paranoia driven little man. I love the dialogue in his films. In this movie, he portrays a teacher who dreams of becoming a comedy writer. He takes on a protege, Jason Biggs, a budding writer to guide him through life with his funny anecdotes. Like in any Woody Allen movie, the women are often portrayed as the one with the issues and the flaws. In this case it is Christina Ricci who is the complicated, quirky and dysfunctional girlfriend of Jason Biggs. I certainly can't see the chemistry between the two lead actors. Perhaps I'm biased against Ricci who I always see as a little kid or the neurotic sex vixen in Ally McBeal. For all it's worth, the movie was engaging if only for the great lines delivered by Woody Allen. Although the final line in the movie wasn't uttered by him. When Jason Biggs's character said "Life sucks". The taxi driver said "Yes it does, just like anything else".

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