Sunday, September 25, 2005

Alex Etel, Lewis Owen McGibbon

"Five Saints, two Boys and millions of Pounds.
The countdown is on."

Cine Europa 8, Edsa Shangri-la Cinema 1

Cine Europa 8

This endearing little movie is the UK's entry in this year's Cine Europa 8 film festival. Admission was free so no wonder, the theater was full. Usually when I watch foreign movies, there are just a few of us. Anyways, the premise of the film is that a week before Britain converts to the Euro, two young boys (brothers) find a Nike bag with millions of Pounds inside. So faced with this sudden wealth, they must decide what to do with the money before it loses its value. The two young actors are refreshing to watch with their cute accents and freckled faces. They are the true stars of the movie. It focuses on their kind hearted nature, their need to help the poor and although there is a huge amount of money involved somehow greed never reared its ugly head. A feel good movie with some funny dialogues, great shots of the English coountryside and throw in a few saints too. A delightful film directed by Danny Boyle whose previous credits include 28 Days Later and Trainspotting.

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