Saturday, September 24, 2005

Rabiaa Ben Abdullah, Sabah Bouzouita, Hend Sabri

TV 5

TV 5

This is a Tunisian movie with French subtitles. The title refers to the period when the men return to their village (Djerba) after 11 months of selling tapestries in Tunis, the capital. It focuses on Aicha, considered a radical because she wants to break with tradition and join her husband in Tunis. Her conflict in raising her two daughters traditionally during modern times, the pressure of bearing a son to inherit the family name all under the watchful eyes of her mother-in-law. The setting is a small traditional village in Tunisia where all the women do is weave and wait with abated breath for the season of men. Several flashback scenes are brilliantly interwoven within the entire film. But it is done so subtly, you only notice it is a look into the past when Aicha sports a different hairstyle. An interesting film which is as intricate as the tapestries the women weave for their husbands to sell.

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