Sunday, September 11, 2005

Charlize Theron, Stuart Townsend, Penelope Cruz

"Three lives. One destiny"

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You assume that a movie with such a poetically lovely title would convey some form of romanticism. Then a boring story unfolds before your eyes, you begin to wonder if they somehow got the title wrong. It had the potential to be a good love story. All the elements were present. 3 strong characters, an era of conflict and wars, gorgeous settings like Paris, England and Madrid. So how come I didn't find it engaging? Some of the scenes seemed like they were badly edited and patched up. Charlize Theron is believable as an American photographer who lives in Paris. Her acting is always good. Penelope Cruz had a short role but she did convey a lot of passion. Although I still have some issue with her voice. Stuart Townsend though he was a disappointment. Of course, he is appealing to look at, no doubt about that! But at certain crucial scenes during the movie, I expected him to show more emotions, more range than just stare glazingly at the camera. But I guess you cannot fault them if they had to make do with a lousy script.

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