Monday, September 12, 2005

Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy, Brian Cox, Jayma Mays, Jack Scalia

"Fear takes flight"

Cinema 1, Robinson's Pioneer
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As someone who doesn't watch horror movies at the cinemas, I made an exception to see this one. Because when one mentions Wes Craven, visions of serial killers, gory slasher scenes enter my mind. But I knew this one wasn't a horror flick per se. So my easily frightened heart was safe. It sure was a thriller, though. I felt like I was a captive myself just waiting to see if Lisa would be able to escape. I like Rachel McAdams in this movie, she portrayed a feisty character able to defend herself well. Cillian Murphy despite being this pretty boy is indeed very convincing as a villain. His intensity is captivating. I was surprised to see Jack Scalia. I remember him from all those 80s miniseries. As well as his recurring roles on Dallas and Remington Steele. He still maintains a strong presence on screen, despite his short role. So we are not really told where the killers were from. I can only speculate they were from some Balkan State in Eastern Europe. I guess that is not relevant. Instead the director wants us to focus on the confined space of a plane there is no means to escape premise. That perhaps chatting up with strangers could have its repercussions. That in our busy lives, it can be refreshing to connect with others. But surely I don't think I would be so forthcoming with some personal details of my life. It reminds me of situations when I traveled alone. I'd be waiting at the boarding gate. I would look around and wonder which of the other passengers would be my seat mate. Silently hoping it was someone who would just leave me alone to enjoy my flight. Well anyways it was a good edge of your seat, little gulps of surprise flick!

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