Saturday, November 12, 2005

Titoff, Marion Cotillard

TV 5


This is a true story based on an autobiography of Bruno de Stabenrath, an author/writer. The first scene shows a man being wheeled into a hospital and he says "I am dead. I cannot feel anything. I cannot see. I cannot hear." Then his story unfolds. Leo is a happy go lucky ladies man, an artist with his own band living a metrosexual lifestyle. Late night parties, booze and an array of women in his life. He has a faithful girlfriend though and they have been living together for 5 years. He has also a big supportive family composed of his parents and siblings. One day, his girlfriend leaves him. She has had enough of his decadence. While vacationing with his family in their summer home in Biarritz, she calls him issuing an ultimatum. She will be at the airport and if he still wants to be with her, he should come get her. On his way, he has an accident and careens the car into a ravine. He is comatose for a few months and wakes up to find himself a quadraplegic. The rest of the movie focuses on his recovery, his daily therapy. As well as his fears and how he copes with this life altering incident. He realizes the true meaning of life through the strong support of his friends and his family.
The film deals with a powerful theme but it isn't overbearing. It doesn't delve into a surreal and dark probing of how precious life really is.
I understand from the various articles I've read about the film that the actor who portrays Leo is a comedian. Titoff (who sort of reminds of Adrien Brody but with more meat to his bones) did justice to the role.
By the way, his girlfriend had no idea he was comatose. She figured when he didn't show up at the airport, he didn't care for her. She only finds out a year later when he is wheelchair bound but doesn't love him anymore. So yeah love can be cruel sometimes. Yet Leo is full of zest with a joie de vivre despite being in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.
Truly inspirational story.

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